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Homestead For Sale

We want to sell the 1/5 Acre Farm!

Why?  We want to expand!

We have used every inch of our property to its fullest and we would like to do more.  We would like to allow our goats, lambs and chickens to roam on rolling hills and pastures, to eat fresh grass until their bellies are full and all they can do is lay in the sun and digest.  We want to make our own hay and possibly our own grains for feed and flour.  We want to cut down trees and use them to build things and live off the land and the sweat of our brows.

Currently, we are about 70% self-sufficent.  We buy feed and hay for the animals, our power is 30% NSP with the rest from solar and diesel generator and we buy any food that we cannot produce ourselves.

We have 14 raised bed gardens and a good sized greenhouse, allowing us to grow plenty of fresh produce for eating in the summer and fall months, canning and freezing for the winter months.  

With just one goat in milk, we have more than we can drink and make soap; with two goats in milk, we have extra for cheesemaking as well.  

We have had up to 100 meat king chickens (fenced in but with free access to the outdoors) and even a couple of lambs and goats for meat.  

We have a wood cookstove for heating the house, cooking/baking and heating our hot water in the winter.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a home cooked meal, with meat from animals we knew/talked to/loved, with veggies we planted/grew/harvested by hand, all cooked on a wood stove/oven.

Our house is a 30X24 (ish) bungalow with one bedroom on the main floor, open concept kitchen/dining room/living room, and a full bathroom.  The finished basement has a separate entrance, master bedroom, office/storage room, "winter kitchen" with the wood cookstove, counter space for prep and lots of cabinets, utility/laundry room and another full bathroom.  Heat is primarily wood with oil forced hot air as a back up.

There is a large, two-storey 24X28 building containing a full woodworking shop upstairs, and on the main level a chicken coop (with access to the outside in the summer) and a goat room in the winter.  There are two large doors for vehicle access and a mechanic's pit which is currently used as a root cellar for food storage.  The upstairs level could be converted into an apartment or studio and the main level could be converted completely into animal shelters, or reverted back to a mechanic's shop.  The possibilities are endless with this space.

Our front yard is currently full of animal shelters and fenced in areas, but could easily be made back into a beautiful, lush green lawn, after the many years of natural fertilization.  Our small back yard has two compost bins and a small vineyard of a few, two-year old grape vines.  

This property would be a perfect starter homestead for someone who would like to grow organic produce, have fresh eggs and milk daily, know where your meat/poultry is coming from and how the animal was raised/treated and to be 70% off grid (or more).

We are willing to sell the property as is with all the stucture, utilities, appliances, etc. in place...or anything can be negotiated into or out of the sale.

For more information or to book a tour, contact us at or on the Contact Us page on

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